The Power of Simplicity

Less is more. We can hear that and appreciate that but to embody it is a lifelong journey accessed only through enjoying the process, love and acceptance of what is. As we are human for any of us…’s always going to be a process. There is an art of effortlessness to savouring more serenity that cannot be reached through striving, it’s about the quality of our presence. It’s more about allowance and appreciation of what is than about striving to do. A lot of what brings me joy in my life is reached through complete simplicity and valuing my heart. I live in the countryside and connecting with nature, knowing nature to be part of me and me to be part of nature is very satisfying. Sunrises, sunsets, elderflower bushes in full blossom, the sight of foxes and playful rabbits all nourish me deeply along with many other things that are satisfying and simple. I think of what John O’Donoghue said about the joy of finding a spot in nature and just letting something unfold. The joy of becoming a complete observer in what you witnessing within nature and being held deeply within that beauty. It is really wonderful to let yourself be consumed by such moments.

I appreciate that life and work is busy for all of us and that there are always things to do. That is just a fact of life and its important to be in flow with the rhythm of the day, the week and the seasons. However, I think rather sometimes than wishing for more time, its interesting to notice the quality of presence that you are bringing to what you are doing. I wonder at times even in the midst of being busy, we can bring a quality of presence to what is and let ourselves find that little pause, appreciation or breath more deeply and serenly within the moment adn notice the difference that makes. I wonder if that deeper serenity can be somehow accessible irrespective of what we are doing, even if it’s just to momentarily touch it throughout the day. I suppose in truth we can sometimes bring a deeper state of awareness to our day, that gives us back some of the time that we are seeking. I do know this to be true in my own life and savouring simplicity can be helpful.

Here is a poem I wrote that relates to savouring simplicity.

There Will Always be Dishes

There will always be dishes- the chopping wood and carrying water of day to day life. Washing the last plate, I feel my body release in pleasure and relief that “they are done now, its over”. My selective naievity will not allow me to accept that this is a never-ending cycle in which I play a part. It will not stop because life goes on. I dream, I plan, I yearn and yet….there will always be dishes.

In the acceptance of the now, I feel the warm water silkily engulf my skin. I open to the delicate, orange aroma wafting from the thick, clear liquid gel. I squeeze and watch it ooze and be consumed by the all embracing water. I plunge yet another plate into the water cleaning and enjoying the firmness of each plate. Grasping and turning on the tap, the cool flow of fresh water that coldly washes the dreamy suds away. I leave this renewed plate to it’s pure state as I stack it to dry. In the acceptance of what is, the sensual and serene enjoyment is here and now. For me to open to or reject.

Unless I stop savouring and devouring life, unless I stop living or being open to the bitter sweet messiness and aliveness of this world-there will always be dishes.

Soulful Living