Somatic Movement Classes

I find Emer to be a great teacher. I have attended many of Emer’s Mindful  movement classes and found her to be a great instructor with a great variety of different warm-ups and a good balance between helpful streches, strong postures and then followed by a meditation and deep body relaxation.  She explains things very clearly. Her work was well paced and varied.  I found her work to be a great balance to the intensive training and work I do throughout the year and a great support in consistently going further in my training’.
Padraig Marrey-Ireland’s top cyclist and sports coach 

I very much appreciated Emer’s Shiatsu therapy sessions which were extremely calming and relaxing. I have a tendancy to be very anxious and these treatments were really beneficial to me. Emer’s approach is compassionate and nurturing which is so helpful and puts you at ease. She showed me helpful somatic physical exercises and mindfulness tools that wer totally adapted to my specific needs that I now can incorporate into my daily routine which is wonderful and has really transformed so much for me. I thank Emer very much for her time and expertise and would recommend her highly”
James- Business Manager Galway.

Emer offers meditation and mindful movement for both children and adults. All of her practices are about keeping your body fit and healthy with energy flowing and abundant good health. She is delighted to welcome people of all ages from all walks of life.

Relaxing, mindful Movement is a series of gentle movements, meditation and breathing.  It has wide-ranging benefits, including improving your balance, lowering your blood pressure, relieving muscle pain and easing depression. Emer has trained extensively in yoga, qigong, shiatsu and is fully qualified in somatic stress releasing body movement practice with the wonderful Living Somatics Ingle Institute. She refers to these movements that she teaches as “Somatic/Mindful Movement” as her focus lies firmly grounded in scientific knowledge, antomy and physiology related to mindful movement and is not based upon any belief system. Emer tailors all of her movements to target and nourish specific organs, different systems in the body, specific muscle groups, specific health issues etc.


It is non-strenuous and can be done by anyone of any age

It will regulate your digestion and metabolism, thus helping with weight loss

It is easy to learn no matter how uncoordinated you are

It will stretch and tone all of your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility

It will help relieve neck, back and shoulder pain

It will make your muscles stronger

It will stimulate your lymphatic system and help detoxify the body of environmental poisons.

It will develop a calm, focused mind.

It helps relieve depression and anxiety.

It requires no special equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere

It will make you look and feel years younger.

It will harmonize and stimulate the flow of energy.


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