“She honed the matrix of physical, emotional and energetic skills required to practice shiatsu at a high level. I would recommend Emer without reservation”
Fionnuala O’Hare- Shiatsu Senior Tutor and Shiatsu practitioner in Sligo for over twenty years. 

‘All of our clients that received shiatsu from her on retreat commented on her professionalism, technique and manner. I would highly recommend her work’
Rachel Gutherie- Killadangan retreat house, Westport.

‘I love going for shiatsu to Emer and have gotten great results. She is professional and reliable. She is very caring with a genuine drive to want to help and heal. Shiatsu has really helped lower my stress levels related mainly to work. Her treatments really helped improve my sleep and also boosted my immune system. There have been moments when I have suffered with more serious aliments and I have turned to Emer and gotten great results; in recovery from serious back pain (a side effect from scoliosis), in helping with overcoming a bladder infection, a completely locked out joint in my shoulder that she freed up with ease and also she has helped with painful tummy issues related to stress levels. She is very steady, relaxed and nurturing.”

‘Just emailing to say how much I enjoyed your wonderful mindful movement “wake up” sessions every morning on retreat. You gave a lovely gentle but strengthening set of streches and poses to start our day with. I felt the shiatsu you gave was really tailored to my needs with great care and respect. You have lovely energy in your hands. I’m very grateful”

M. Roddy

‘It was the most beautiful week of time with you on your retreat of mindful movement, shiatsu and Oriental Painting, capped by such a deeply nourishing and restorative shiatsu treatment. Thank you so much for your generosity and heart-centrered practice with us. You were born to do this work and we were the very grateful recipients this week. Thank you lovely Emer. You are a star’
Nuala Connolly-Dublin.

‘Thank you for your wonderful shiatsu massage. My shoulders felt freed up with renewed energy. Your kindness and sharing throughout the Oriental Art retreat was wonderful. Love your energy and grace’

Dr.Karen Neylon-Dublin. Participant on mindful movement, shiatsu and Oriental Painting Retreat.

I suffer from MS and between work and family I’m very busy and at times my condition is worse than others. I have had many sessions with Emer over the past few years and found the sessions fantastic. I have always left Emer feeling refreshed, relaxed and more positive. Emer is very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. She makes her clients feel very comfortable and clearly has a genuine interest in clients overall wellbeing”
Sharon- Lecturer in law Galway

‘I find Emer’s approach gentle yet very deep and powerful. When I receive shiatsu from her, my body relaxes and releases tension and at the same time I feel very nourished and come much more into balance.  Emer is a very present practitioner who gives great care and competence. Its always a joy to receive shiatsu from her. My body certainly is always very thankful.’
Claire Haugh

‘Emer is a very good mindful movement teacher, I knew that she would be an excellent shiatsu practitioner as well. She is warm, openminded and she really respects the person that she is dealing with. She gives great pressure that feels just right. She is completely accepting and non-judgemental. I found the sessions really effective and I felt great after them. I would totally recommend booking a shiatsu session with Emer.’
Sarah- Childcare Worker 

I find Emer to be a great teacher. I have attended many of Emer’s Mindful  movement classes and found her to be a great instructor with a great variety of different warm-ups and a good balance between helpful streches, strong postures and then followed by a meditation and deep body relaxation.  She explains things very clearly. Her work was well paced and varied.  I found her work to be a great balance to the intensive training and work I do throughout the year and a great support in consistently going further in my training’.
Padraig Marrey-Ireland’s top cyclist and sports coach 

‘I know Emer from attending her wonderful mindful movement and streching classes which I have really appreciated and benefited from.  Her classes are a great work out and also deeply relaxing and great for working underused muscles and relaxing overused muscles. As I train intensively in cycling and running this is important. I was suffering from a lot of strain in my shoulder, back and legs in particular. I found shiatsu really helped with shoulder and back issues and my legs always felt wonderful after sessions. I would recommend her treatments to anyone who is training hard and wants to balance things out, compete more efficiently and really support their body in the process. You can go further when you keep a good balance’
Noel- Road Safety and cyclist 

I cannot recommend shiatsu enough. It has given me untold ease with my pains and tension in my neck, shoulders and back. I was totally put at ease by Emer. She explained each new technique and its function prior to working on me to make sure I was happy for her to proceed. I suffer from anxiety and these treatments have helped ease all of that and have been such a blessing.”
Evelyn- Farm Manager 

‘Emer has a deep practice of mindfulness, yoga and qigong which contributes to her wonderful calm, centred and warm presence and to her shiatsu being deeply nourishing and very effective.’
Martina- Community Worker Galway

Emer’s kind and caring presence creates a lovely atmosphere of safety and healing. I have suffered from anxiety. I found her shiatsu skills helped me take the opportunity to tune into my own needs. I was able to relax and embrace the wisdom of the variety of  different techniques in shiatsu allowing myself to heal and balance my system. Emer has a wide range of techniques depending on your particular needs that day. I would highly recommend Emer’s sessions. She provides a lovely healing space. Her attunement to the individual and connection to ancient techniques really releases stress and restores the natural flow of energy in the body.’
Brenda-Qi gong instructor Galway

‘Emer brings real professionalism to her work but always with heart, soul and a smile. I  know Emer to love to laugh and be great fun. I also know her to be very professional and dedicated to the ethics of Shiatsu Therapy and to practice with safety, with compassion, respect and non-judgment. I do not hesitate in recommending Emer. I know that she will continue to exercise her work and way of being in the world in a manner that is consistently aiming at seeking the betterment of her clients and the highest good for all’
Julien- Shiatsu Practitioner

“It was such a pleasure to have Emer come and train with us in advanced Meridian Energy Therapies. Her presence in training and facilitating with clients was profound. Emer has great insight; intuition, warmth and compassion”
Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning- Advanced Meridian Energy Therapies-EFT Dublin.

“Emer showed great competence and confidence at all times. She got great results with me. I felt very safe and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”
Vanessa-EFT Therapist.

“I very much appreciated Emer’s Shiatsu therapy sessions which were extremely calming and relaxing. I suffer from anxiety and these treatments were really beneficial to me. Emer’s approach is compassionate and nurturing which is so helpful and puts you at ease. She showed me helpful physical exercises and mindfulness tools that I now incorporate into my daily routine which is wonderful and has really transformed a lot for me. I thank Emer very much for her time and expertise and would recommend her highly”

James- Business Manager Galway.

“Emer has a sensitive and attuned touch and is an attentive, friendly and compassionate practitioner. I had quite a few treatments from her and afterwards have always felt very centred and relaxed. I would really recommend her for shiatsu”
Brian- Civil Servant Dublin

I came to Emer with a lot of pain and tightness in my body. While Emer was giving me the treatment I had an extremely deep sense of relaxation. The quality of her attention and the way she was constantly monitoring my responses to the treatment to check if I was comfortable gave me a lot of reassurance. I enjoyed the consideration she showed towards my body’s specific needs, moment to moment and I was very pleasantly surprised at how gentle and yet powerful the Shiatsu was. The complete absence of pain in my body by the time she was finished is something Im very grateful for.
Triona Galway

I found it to be a grounding and soothing treatment; it felt safe and holistic. Emer’s touch is very present, connected and intuitive. It is clear that her practice emerges out of her own mindful presence, care for others, and deepest values.
Kieran, Rehab worker Galway& Laymonk at Glenstal Abbey

My shiatsu sessions with Emer are gently working powerful changes in my body. Neck tension that has been causing me discomfort for years and problems in my work is shifting. My body feels softer and looser. My nervous system feels soothed, leaving me less stressed. Emer has a very natural, receptive way of working. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for more health and energy and less stress!”
Dave Rock, Motivational speaker and writer Galway

Having done a block of sessions of shiatsu, i cannot recommend Emer enough. Her energy and gentleness is so healing. You will come away restored, nourished and soothed from within. Emer will be my go to for self care and support.
Clodagh O’Connor Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist Westport.


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