Better Health, Less Stress & More Wellbeing.

“A single ray of light is enough to drive away many shadows” Saint Francis of Assisi

“I cannot recommend Emer enough. I really appreciate her energy and gentleness. You will come away restored, nourished, strengthened soothed and feeling healed” Clodagh O’ Connor- Therapist.

Are you finding life challenging? Do you want to experience more happiness, better health and manage stress in positive ways? As the famous quote goes “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming”.

I love to help people improve their health, bring about positive transformation and help them feel really good in body and mind and to help them strengthen immunity. Health and wellbeing tools and being able to share their precious benefits with others is a passion. I’m a fully qualified health and wellbeing  coach, Mindful relaxation movement teacher and a Mindful touch-regulation practitioner alongside my Principal and main work as a primary school teacher. These therapies are particularly helpful for children and adults with stress related issues, special needs and regulation difficulties. As a result of the Covid Pandemic, this work will be more important than ever in order to restore optimal health and wellbeing to affected children and adults alike. I first learnt about the real importance of this type of work from my sister who is a Somatic Practitioner, Speech and Language therapist & has done work for the Brothers of Charity. I soon began to notice the benefits of the relaxing and calming movements for children and became very interested in their positive, health-giving benefits.  I subsequently trained in them. I have a lot of experience working with children and adults with special needs. I use simple and effective ways to help you create good health and wellbeing in your day to day life. All of my work is grounded in very open-minded Christian faith. That is my personal foundation in life and I am completely open to all clients and you just as you are.

I have many different types of clients and have a particular interest in working with teachers. As a fully qualified teacher, I’m aware how much these therapies can help teachers and pupils in the classroom.  They can help you be at your very best teacher wise, help you give very postive classroom presence and the movement exercises can help children in your class relax & feel good. It can help you make your classroom a place where your pupils are learning, having hands on fun, happy, healthy and really thriving.  I  am available for wellness days and training in schools, summer education courses on mindful movement and mindful shiatsu self massage for teachers, pupils etc. As a teacher and coming from a family of a long line of well esteemed teachers, I have a very grounded, practical and professional approach in any work I do. I love bringing a lot of joy and transformation into people’s lives.

Soulful Living
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