Soulful Somatics:

Wellbeing for Body and Mind

“I cannot recommend Emer enough. You will come away restored, nourished, strengthened soothed and feeling healed”

Clodagh O’ Connor- Couples Psychotherapist, Westport.


Nourishing Support For You

Would you like to manage stress in better ways to experience more happiness and health?

I love to help:

-Improve health

-Bring about positive transformation

-Help people to empower themselves and feel good in body and mind


Caring Support for Children

I love working with a variety of people from all walks of life. As a Department of Education teacher with a specialist training in Steiner Creative Education, I particularly enjoy working with teachers and children. I am available for wellness and training days in schools.

My greatest joy in life is to help bring more health, happiness and light into people’s lives. As the famous quote goes “All the world is full of suffering, it is all full of overcoming”. I look forward to helping you/your child embrace better health and wellbeing.  Please remember life is always changing. Support and serenity are never far away “A single ray of light is enough to drive away many shadows” as Saint Francis wisely said. Please see my about page for details of current classes and workshops.

Soulful Living