Looking for Good Health and Change?

“I cannot recommend Emer enough. I really appreciate her energy and gentleness. You will come away restored, nourished, strengthened and soothed. She will be my go to for self care”

Clodagh O’ Connor- Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist.

Are you finding life challenging? Do you want to experience more happiness, better health and manage stress in more positive ways? I’m Emer and I set up Soulful Living to support and inspire you in your life. As the famous quote goes “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming”.

I like to help people improve their health in order to bring about positive transformation and help them feel good in body and mind and to help them strengthen immunity. I’m a passionate health and wellbeing coach (with a special interest¬† in resiliency, stress reduction and transformation), Mindfulness practitioner, writer and teacher. I’m trained in shiatsu, yoga, EFT, and qi gong. I teach and use simple and effective ways to help you create good health and wellbeing in your day to day life and bring more happiness to you and those around you. I can help you with relieving stress and bringing about positive transformation in your life through coaching. I can also offer you deep relaxation through shiatsu, yoga and qigong. I can offer clients dietary advice and wellbeing consultations tailored to your needs.

Although the work I provide can be a great help and support people, it is in no way a replacement for standard medical support and treatment. It can however offer such wonderful support and much transformation.

Email: emulla8888@gmail.com

Soulful Living
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