Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Soma Touch Therapy

“After working with Emer, stress was gone and I felt stronger in my body. I found it to be grounding and soothing treatment, it felt safe and holistic. Emer’s touch is very present, connected and intuitive. It is clear that her practice emerges out of her own mindful presence, care of others and deepest of  values”
Kieran Hayes: Rehab Care &  works with Glenstal Abbey

Are you looking for comfort and ease? Shiatsu is akin to acupuncture without needles, nurturing touch is used instead and in Japan it is considered as a form of physiotherapy. For me, its a hands on practice where I rest into spiritual presence, faith and knowledge of different acupunctural points, streches to nourish organs etc. to help bring about wellbeing in another and help you find their own resilience and strength once more. Shiatsu brings about beautiful flow and harmony both in your body and in your mind. It is mainly hands-on work but can also be adapted and done at distance which is wonderful in these Covid Times. Physical hands on work is obviously best but at distance it is pleasant and gets good results too. This therapy helps:

-Relaxation & wellbeing in the body (and support throughout illness).

-Those who have been through a traumatic experience.

-Frozen shoulder.

-Depression, unresolved grief, anger.

-Digestive issues.

-Back problems.



-Joint and muscle pain.

-Headaches and migraines.

-Menstrual and menopausal distress.

And many other health issues.

I follow stringent ethics and I am a very supportive, non-judgmental practitioner bound by absolute confidentiality.

What to Expect

A treatment traditionally takes place on a futon- a thickly cushioned and very comfortable mat.

It feels very releasing. You should wear loose comfortable clothing. The clothing should not be too bulky or thick as that would make the treatment uncomfortable and less effective. It is preferable not to eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before the treatment and to make some time and space after the treatment to relax and fully integrate the effects of the session after the treatment. You are also encouraged to drink a lot of water as when working on joints etc. some toxins will be released to be flushed out of the body.


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