Make yourself a priority and experience more wellbeing


“Every day the world will drag you by the hand yelling, “This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day it’s up to you to yank your hand back put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

I really love this quote of Iain Thomas. Our hearts and our truth are completely invaluable but we can at times be disconnected from that realisation. How often in life do we let ourselves be influenced by others opinions rather than to be true to what our hearts really desire? How often in life do we care more about what others think than what we ourselves think and value? How often in life are our decisions governed by ‘the latest trends’ or what ‘everyone else is doing’ and not by what our heart’s truly desire? How often in life do we limit ourselves saying ‘I couldn’t do that’, ‘I’m too busy to make changes’, ‘its too late to do anything about it’ and whatever else our mind will come up with. Its good to know we can listen and accept what the mind will come up with, but we don’t have to believe or feed into it- what a relief!

In life, there will always be so many things that you can make so much more important than you: the car needs to be serviced, your boss needs that report, that bill that needs to be sorted, the house needs to be tidied, friends want to see you, your in-laws feel neglected, your partner needs help, we need to watch the news, we need to help others….

I’m not saying these things are not important or valid. We do need to take responsibility and do what needs to be done but what I am saying is that finding time to tune into yourself, listen to your heart and looking after yourself is first and foremost- the most important thing. If we don’t make space for ourselves, if we don’t make what we truly desire a priority, we can end up feeling so drained or fall ill. Doing things we don’t really want to do or to people please causes suffering. When we are tuning into our hearts and ourselves more, we are operating less from a ‘headless chicken’ reactive space and more from a centered heart ‘this is what I really want and choose to do’ space. The energy is completely different. We tune into our peace, relax and life becomes much clearer and easier.

In general in life I have found when I stop trying to do so much, I get so much more done. Less is really more and its great to get really clear and focus. We can choose to make the most important things to us a priority and the rest? Well, it can wait or you might choose to let it go entirely. You are in your power and authenticity when you are in tune with yourself and your needs and can make decisions from that space with more clarity and honesty. That is best for all.

When you are true to yourself, you are true to everyone and when you are happy in yourself, you generally are a greater source of genuine happiness to others too. From this space, we can reach out to others in more authentic and loving ways. From this space, helping others is more of a joy and not a burden. The impact we can have on another’s life is without a doubt such an incredibly beautiful thing to experience and I personally feel one of the richest experiences in life. However, when we realise the importance of looking after ourselves, we know how important it is to fill our own cup before filling another’s cup.

We will always need to ‘chop wood and carry water’ in life but how we are doing this, our approach to life and who we are doing this with can make a huge difference. From a centered and honest space of taking a little bit of time out to tune into ourselves and come back into balance, we can make much better decisions and can come back to what we know in our hearts truly matters to us. The irony is, this is not time lost- its a huge amount of valuable time gained. We might increasingly find then that we are not doing things then out of fear or obligation or a need to people please…we are doing them because we want to do them. We are not doing things and then wondering why are we doing them or complaining about having to do them, we are being coherent in what we do, say and in how we act and learning from life as we go along.

We experience more serenity towards the things we simply cannot change, we can let certain things go and take more action around the things we can change. I personally find that generally in life when we are clear in our intention- life is clear with us. We can stop wasting our energy doing things we don’t want to do or worrying about things that in the bigger scale of things, really don’t matter at all. Life is short and very precious. Don’t limit yourself or your dreams. We are all one at the end of the day but your specific energy is unique to you and who you are and how you express yourself is a gift to the world and completely invaluable. Its so important to remember that.

Its your job to make you your priority- no-one else can do it for you. When you are making yourself a priority and truly tuning into what your heart wants- life is different. In order to operate at our peak, just like athletes we need to feed and nurture our whole selves, not just the part that works and makes money or that minds others. By doing so we will solve challenges more effectively, be more inspired, produce better results and generally feel happier in life. Its not always easy to makes oneself a priority. It doesn’t happen instantly just by clicking your fingers but there are wellbeing tools and people that can help you empower yourself more.

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