Are You Finding Transition Towards Autumn Difficult?

Albert Camus comment that ‘Autumn is like a second Spring with every leaf a flower’ is one of my favourite quotes about Autumn. The truth is Spring is my favourite times of the year and I love the elements of Autumn that remind me of Spring.

The transition towards colder weather, shorter days and less sunlight however just doesn’t excite me as much as Spring, I have to be honest. I definitely do know however that there is something to be learnt from each season and such things are always an inner job and mindset. There is great strength in surrendering to the power and depth of Autumn and the changes and inner journey it brings. Autumn offers a different flavour to life and it’s good to accept it as it is because it is how it is and we learn different things in every season and moment of our life. There are definitely things that we can do to help with this transition. Its important that we continue to get good exercise and add things like garlic, organic veg, sprouted seed, protein and foods that nourish our lungs to our diet to keep cold and damp from negatively impacting upon our bodies.

As a shiatsu practitioner, I look at these things from a Chinese Medicine perspective and the transition within Autumn is associated with the element of metal, the lungs and large intestine and the characteristics of courage strength and dignity which are associated with the archetypal father. In really facing and accepting  transitions (however difficult they may be or whatever they may relate to from a change in season to more difficult life changes), we can harness more of the strength of the metal element and the courage and strength of what  good ‘father energy’  teaches us.

None of us like to go through difficult things within life, however you can get support within such moments and difficulty can also make us better people if we let that be the case. If you really think of your strongest and possibly even your kindest qualities within life they were most likely developed in coming successfully through a difficult transition in time. The old adage of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger really does ring true if we decide to learn from life’s experiences and if we don’t let ourselves be hardened by them or take them too seriously but instead see them as learning opportunities. Shiatsu and the different therapies I offer can help with this.

The metal element is linked to the lungs which are described as “office of Minister and chancellor”in Chinese medicine, helping the emperor heart with the regulation of energy and an efficient dispersion of fluids so there is not a build up of phlegm or mucus. The lungs job of effective respiration is assisted when we breath in a more relaxed manner. However, every time you exhale you can release up to 70% of the body’s toxicity! This is why long, slow breathing is so important. If you are feeling strung out, it can be helpful to bring your attention to very slow and steady out breaths. It is more important in such moments to effectively bring attention to the breathe out and to really let go. Calming, relaxed breathing nourishes our spirit. A helpful breathing technique can be to breathe in and then on the out-breath purse your lips slightly and really follow your out-breath very fully and slowly. Mindful movement practices nourish and strengthen your lungs, your immunity and your body and mind in general in a powerful way.

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