What to Expect

A shiatsu treatment traditionally takes place on a futon- a thickly cushioned and very comfortable mat. It’s a very grounding treatment and part of its relaxing and nourishing quality is that it takes place on the ground so the connection with the earth is beautiful.

Before the first session, I take details about your health. I will then do what is known as a hara reading in order to look at your energy before treating you. The client is fully clothed throughout the treatment.

Shiatsu feels very releasing. You should wear loose comfortable clothing. The clothing should not be too bulky or thick as that would make the treatment uncomfortable and less effective. It is preferable not to eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before the treatment and to make some time and space after the treatment to relax and fully integrate the effects of the session after the treatment. You are also encouraged to drink a lot of water as when working on joints etc. some toxins will be released to be flushed out of the body. Shiatsu is a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

Telephone: 083 4631710

Email: emulla8888@gmail.com

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