The Privilege of a Lifetime is Being who you are.

I have always valued the work that I do but in the world we live in and faced with the recent Covid situation and now Ireland going back to stage 3, it seems particularly important. It helps me truly value my health, myself and my life irrespective of what the circumstances are. Whether things are going the way I want, or things aren’t quite going as planned, all is well. I can bring acceptance to that with more ease. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work on and improve certain things, of course I do. We all do and that is part of life but I can do it with more ease and even ultimately enjoy embracing transformation. So much treasure lies in you embracing all of you. In the past, I would give more of my power and happiness to other people. If certain people were there, I was happy. If they weren’t or something didn’t work, I was unhappy. When you step more fully into your serenity, your power and your happiness you begin to see how much joy can come from just you embracing more of you and connecting with others from a space of freedom, authenticity and not looking to others to fulfil you. You need less and you can embrace yourself more. That doesn’t mean that you value people less, if anything you value them more and make space for those where there is truly mutual respect, truth, authenticity and freedom. None of us are here to waste our time or have our time wasted. Life is far too precious and an absolute gift to us all.

You can spend your whole life thinking the latest fad diet is the solution, the latest motivational speaker is the solution, the latest fashion is the solution, the latest money investment is the solution, the latest business venture is the solution, the latest holistic therapy is the solution but the truth is…you are the solution. No one can truly give you what you need but you and life is all about balance. You can do different things to explore more of you and to connect with more spirituality and divinity but ultimately healing is less about changing and more about embracing you exactly the way you are and loving all of you, even the parts of you you deem ‘unlovable’ (and yes we all have things we don’t like about ourselves). Sometimes you are looking in the wrong places and chasing the wrong things as opposed to valuing just how precious you are and connecting with things and others that truly nurture you from more of a space of authenticity. During the Women’s retreat on October 24th and 25th a space will be provided for you; to relax through mindful movement, nourish yourself through Shiatsu self massage and shiatsu nutritional advice and transform what you wish to transform through health and wellbeing coaching. There is so much beauty in the world and the practices that I do really help to connect me deeply to that beauty and also to accept and transform that which is not so beautiful. The truth is that there is so much value in going within and finding the deep, hidden treasures of you. It helps you reach out to others in a more authentic and loving way. Enjoy embracing the unique star that you are and shine bright.

Soulful Living