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Project on hold for forseeable future- Covid Restrictions.

Soulful Living offers different types of retreats and is now offering week long solitary retreats in the West of Ireland. Would you love some more time and space just for you? This type of retreat is ideal for someone who really needs time and space for themselves to get away in the comforts of a beautiful, cosy country home with gorgeous, healthy, nonprocessed and organic food served daily. You may be someone who needs a break from the corporate world and is close to burn-out, you may be someone who needs some fresh country air and time in nature to replenish and inspire yourself again. You may need a break away for yourself from minding children or you may be someone who needs some time and space to write or get creative about a project in a different setting and to freshen your life up. All of these are very good reasons to take a “Soulful Retreat”- time and space to love, nourish and truly value yourself.

The retreat house is located in Mayo along the “Wild Atlantic Way” a convenient hour from gorgeous Galway and Connemara, the breathtaking coast of elegant Westport, wild Achill and Serene literary Yeats Sligo. The house is in the heart of quiet, simple and very beautiful nature. Emer will point you in the right direction towards real havens and quiet hidden gems in the local area.

You will be able to avail daily of delicious food, a daily morning mindful movement and total relaxation class along with two shiatsu and coaching sessions during the week to help support you in your life. This will all help to restore, rebalance and replenish you. Take time out to totally value you and to come back to the power of simplicity. Please get in touch to make an enquiry and give as much detail as possible with your name, full address, your profession and why you would like to avail of such a week long retreat. Please give lots of detail about what your specific needs are etc. These week long retreats are only available to women as it is my preference to work with women and I’m dedicated in womens work.

Soulful Living
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