How I got Through a very difficult transition in my life.


I first heard about shiatsu when I lived in France. It had been very successful in supporting a French friend of mines mother who had suffered from breast cancer. I was fascinated to hear about the supportive nature of this therapy. I had never heard of it before and didn’t think anything more about it until I encountered a very difficult moment in my own life.

I had a break up with a beloved French ex of mine and was broken hearted. We loved each other a lot and i knew we always would despite the break-up.

I was very upset. Thankfully the idea of going for a shiatsu treatment came to me. It was clear to me that the practitioner i went to had a very heartfelt intention of goodness and depth for me and my wellbeing which began to soothe and comfort me. Such things are very transparent and felt deeply in the heart. It was clear to me that this practitioner was full of integrity.

It wasn’t easy for me to relax at this moment – but slowly and surely over the course of the treatment, I began to relax and let go. The practitioner was listening deeply to me and I could feel myself slowly connect with a deeper serenity and peace within me and a knowingness that things were momentarily very tough for me, that I was very upset emotionally and felt completely heartbroken but that everything was going to be ok. ‘This too shall pass’ I found myself really knowing and remembering as the treatment progressed. I could really feel my energy shift and change during the treatment. As she put her weight on different parts of my body and worked different energy lines throughout my body with the palms of her hand, thumbs and elbows, it really gave me such relief and I felt so nourished, listened to and held.

Shiatsu is so deep, nurturing and pure. A practitioner is constantly practicing empty mind, which is a pure state of meditation, non-judgment, and acceptance, which is so healing for the client and reconnects them to their own essence and strength

Shiatsu is a three-year training of real depth. If you want to help others you really have to know how to help and truly honor yourself. We all have stuff to work on and improve and that thankfully in life that is something I have always been willing to do. I have always been commited to wellbeing and  understanding myself and others deeply.  I have engaged in deep and beautiful psychotherapeutic as well as holistic work as part of this training , which shows my deep commitment to this work. Both holistic work and therapeutic work fascinate me. Of course you have to really know and be attuned to yourself thoroughly before dreaming of treating another person. The authenticity and transformation that comes from such brave and raw work is just truly wonderful. I was blessed with the most wonderful therapist to whom I’m truly grateful. Such work when it is with the right person is truly a blessing and enables one to blossom and grow in life in such positive and fulfilling ways.

My practice of meditation, yoga and qigong is deeply nourishing. Shiatsu is a natural extension of this relaxing and deeply fulfilling work, which I love and have been doing for many years now. Both enable me to help others really improve their lives.

We don’t live in an easy world however life is so precious and can be so beautiful when we nourish our serenity, simplicity and our own and others happiness. We can go through  suffering and transform it. We are not defined by a difficult moment in time that is transitory. People are completely capable of changing their lives in very positive ways if they wish to do so.  I suffered at that moment in time but thankfully it didn’t last, it did pass. I got the support and nourishment I needed to find my own strength and joy once more. Shiatsu gave me the support I needed to find my own resilience again and bounce back even stronger in many different ways and truly move on in my life in positive ways to nourish my happiness, joy and fall in love with life once more. One should never doubt that transformation is possible.

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