Empowered, Serene and Inspired.

24th and 25th of October

Take time out for you during the October mid-term break to really nourish yourself and restore health and satisfying wellbeing. Over Saturday and Sunday, we will start each day with gorgeous mindful yoga and a deep and delicious, full body relaxation. There will be a particular emphasis during the retreat on strengthening lungs and the large intestine inspired by shiatsu and Chinese medicine practices. After a break, you will then engage in some group coaching where you will look at strengthening your boundary and getting crystal clear on a wellness vision and plan to help you towards your best life. Later on in the day, you will engage in some beautiful qigong (mindful movement which builds healing energy in the body) and shiatsu self massage to really support, strengthen and loving nourish your body. We will end off the day looking at foods and lifestyle choices that nourish your organs from a Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine perspective.  

From a Chinese Medicine perspective as a Shiatsu practitioner, I honour the transition within Autumn as a time to embrace change, come more inward and really value the metal element. Moments of transition related to the change of seasons or other changes can offer new and satisfying possibilities. Autumn can teach us about how beautiful it is to let go and embrace change with courage. The lungs and large intestine are associated with the metal element linked to this time of year and are related to our courage, strength, empowerment and dignity. This is where our focus lies over the two days.

The metal element is about clarity and respecting the preciousness of your body and mind. If you think of a beautiful ornate sword for example a good symbol of what the metal element represents, it is not wishy washy. A sword needs to be sharp and clear. Good boundaries are essential. By really valuing the metal element through getting clear and making good choices about exercise, diet and lifestyle choices, we begin to value, appreciate and respect our health and wellbeing more fully.  

The metal element is linked to the lungs which are described as “office of Minister and chancellor” in Chinese medicine, helping the emperor heart with the regulation of energy or ‘qi’ and an efficient dispersion of fluids so we don’t have health issues and a build up of phlegm or mucus. The lungs job of effective respiration is assisted when we breath in a more relaxed manner. Slow, nourishing, deep breathing and mindful practices which encourage this and nourishing shiatsu self chi massage are really beneficial to our health and wellbeing in body and mind.

Over the two days, we will practice

Nourishing and restorative Meditation, Yoga & Qigong to completely relax, support and strengthen body with a particular focus on the lungs and large intestine.

Group & Individual  Coaching:

 Empowering boundary building exercises. Group coaching will take place during the two day retreat and then you will have an individual session with Emer after the retreat to strengthen what you have gained from the retreat.

Creation of your Unique Wellness Vision which will strengthen and inspire you in your life and in your boundaries and wellness.

Shiatsu Chi Self Massage: Relax, nourish and strengthen all of your body with particular focus given to lungs, nourishing ourselves and strengthening immunity.

Food and Lifestyle Choices which nourish our lungs and large intestine from a Chinese Medicine perspective (you will be given a small e-book with nourishing recipes and tips for the lungs)

Retreat Timetable

10.00-11.30 Mindful movement and deep relaxation

11.30-11.45  Break

11.45-1.30   Group Coaching

1.30-2.30     Lunch

2.30-3.30     Shiatsu self massage and gentle Qigong

3.30-4.30     Food and lifestyle choices which support the lungs,  final deep relaxation and close


Date: 24th & 25th of October

Place: The Retreat will take place through zoom

Cost of two day Retreat: 120 euros

Contact me on Facebook, email or ring to book.

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