Be Your Own Hero.

It’s so important in life that you value yourself. Not in a big-headed or arrogant way at all but just to truly recognise your value and your worth. Why wouldn’t you? Its wonderful to value others and I’m deeply grateful for those in my life that have taught me so many different things. At the end of the day however, its unhelpful to value others and not value yourself. Its unhelpful to see the light of others and not your own. You can see the beauty and strength of others but can you fully recognize your own beauty and strength? Until we can fully receive ourselves and accept every ounce of ourselves with gratitude, can we truly do that for another? It’s important that you love yourself without reservation and that you bring love and acceptance to what you have deemed “unloveable”. For years I found my sensitivity something that I hid away for example. It wasnt really allowed or valued as I grew up. I had to be very strong and very driven academically. I did that very well and that was what was valued. Today I really value and recognize my sensitivity too as something that enables me to connect with the world and with others with depth and authenticity and now it is a wonderful strength as a teacher and a wellbeing practitioner. This sensitivity allows me to be present, awake and alive to the world and to others and to inspire others. Such work requires depth and being strong in your own authenticity and really recognizing your sensitivity and worth is invaluable. “You yourself as much as anyone deserve your compassion”. In today’s world, we can get swayed in all directions and want to help everyone. Can you however rest into the beauty of your own presence and fully receive yourself first? And then from that centred space do whatever it is we wish to do today and help from a centred and true space of wellbeing. Helping others from this space is a joy and sustainable. It ensures we dont get burn out or get dragged into others agendas or politics (and there will always be such things in life!!). when you are at the centre of things and truly valuing yourself your boundaries are firm and you can truly be there for yourself and then another. “Be a light unto yourself. Hold fast to the truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves”. Today there are people who truly inspire me and who I respect deeply but I respect and inspire myself first and foremost. When I do this I honour serenity and solidity within myself first and foremost. “Love one another as I have loved you”…I dont think Gods love of any of us is in any way limited, its infinite. Love yourself from this divine space and let the hero within you shine. “You dont need the acceptance of others. Firstly you need to accept yourself”. This to me is the first step within heroism. Acting with certainty because you source that certainty from yourself and acting with certainty whether times are uncertain or not. “Be beautiful, be yourself”.

Soulful Living
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